He has Turned your Mourning into Dancing

He has turned my mourning into dancing!

He has turned my mourning into dancing!

Read Psalm 30. This Psalm shows you that you can confidently put you hope in the Lord and in His unfailing love. Even when you have perhaps not always fully done what you know God wants, you can ask God to help you.

The consequences of your sin may bring pain and sorrow, but God will forgive you when you turn back to Him. Then weeping can turn into joy, sorrow and mourning into rejoicing and dancing. This is the nature of the favour of God. It enables us to face up to our actions by giving us the hope of forgiveness and restoration.

Key Thought

If you ever fail the Lord, remember His mercy is never far away. Turn quickly back to Him and ask Him for His help to put things right. There is no joy or blessing in disobedience and the path to forgiveness and restoration is open to you.


Lord, You have promised to help me in time of trouble. I know that I am not yet what you want me to be, but I thank you for the things that have changed in my life. Please forgive me and turn my mourning into dancing once again.

Discipleship Steps

When things are not going well and you find it difficult to follow God’s way, remember, above all things, God is with you to help you. Take the decision that you will not allow any time to pass before you get right with God again asking for His grace and forgiveness. Bring your weaknesses and failures to Him and ask Him for special grace today to overcome them in His name.



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